On Photography and Travel

About a month ago I uploaded a selection of my better travel photos to 500px.com (see my profile there). It's far from my entire photo collection but I thought it would be nice to put some online rather than letting them collect digital dust on my hard drives.

It's also quite clear that a basic digital camera, some sunshine, decent composition and nice scenery are no longer sufficient to produce a work of art. My uploaded photos are indeed what they are: carefully selected holiday photos but not masterfully edited works of art made with the finest equipment. I don't have a trained eye for this but I do feel the ratio of edited versus unedited photos is skewed towards the former.

My previous camera was the Samsung L370 and my current camera is the somewhat better Coolpix S8200. I have to say I barely know more than the automatic feature of the camera but I'm planning to remedy that in the future.

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